Types of Fishing Reel that Anglers Usually Use

A fishing reel is one of the main elements of fishing equipment that has a function and use as a reel and a string holder. With the reel, it will be easier to enter and exit the strings when thrown and rolled. Usually, the fishing reel used is adjusted to the fishing technique or spot. However, along with the times, the fishing reel has undergone many modifications both in terms of material and function. Before you know much about fishing reels, it’s a good idea to know various fishing techniques, especially for beginners. Only get the best spinning reels under 100 on our place.

Fishing is not without technique. It takes several techniques to fish, even though there are actually no standard rules, but there are some improvisations that have been done so fishing requires different techniques related to conditions. Some commonly used fishing techniques are Ground Technique, a fishing technique that can be done without using a fishing rod. Next, there is the Ngoncer Technique, a fishing technique using live bait. Then there is the Trolling Technique, which requires a special reel to do it. Then there is the Casting Technique, which uses complete fishing equipment. Finally, there is the Popping Technique, a fishing technique using a longer rod.

In general, in using reel-spinning you just need to open the bail arm, which is a place to direct the strings when they are rolled, then the bait is thrown according to the target you are aiming at. Then closed again and so on depending on the technique used. Another part of this reel has a drag knob, which is a rotation to adjust the amount of pulling the fish to your liking. Many brands circulating from this reel with varying prices, both expensive and cheap.

Meanwhile, the baitcasting reel is a reel that is included in the overhead reel category or a reel that sits on the rod. Using this reel is not as easy as using a spinning reel, it takes practice, experience and is familiar with this reel. This reel requires good control and feeling especially when braking the speed of the strings. It takes practice and getting used to hone feelings when playing this reel.

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