Trends In Green Paint, The Latest Most Popular Room Color Options

The color of the house paint is not merely white, green is now the most popular color choice as the main color scheme of the interior of the house. The natural impression attached to the green color is the main reason the designers use it. Similarly, that pay attention to each color before it is applied.

Green gives cool shades and refreshes eyesight. And not only that, based on the psychology of color, green also has a meaning of peace and balance. Green also shows the impression of harmony and calm.

Green also has many variants. There are more than twenty green colors that you can choose according to taste. The use of green paint is a pretty good idea for those of you who want a minimalist home that looks beautiful and natural. And with such an atmosphere, the house will always look special, healthy, and pleasant.

1 Green Color in the Living Room
The choice of dark green color as wall paint in the living room can give a sense of comfort and a modern appearance. All you have to do is enough to paint one part of the wall with green, then mix or combine with other colors like white to give a neutral and minimalist impression. Your narrow living room will look fresher, natural, and seem more spacious and elegant.

2 Green Colors for the Bedroom
You can choose jungle green, which is a forest green color mixed with thick brown and brown trees. Jungle green is suitable for those of you who don’t like colors that are too bright. There is also celadon, this soft faded green that at first glance resembles a pastel green.

Unlike the jungle green, this color tends to be brighter. And even though it is a bright color, celadon can still provide a soft and comfortable touch in the bedroom. For rooms that are neither dark nor bright, Emerald is the solution. The color that resembles an emerald is quite popular to be used in parts of the house such as bedrooms.

3 Green Colors for the Kitchen
Not only in the living room and bedroom, but the green color is also suitable applied to the kitchen wall. Bring a beautiful and fresh impression to your kitchen with the selection of green which is your favorite.

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