Long Term Health Effect Of Massages

A massage is a universal language for mankind. Massage is one of the simpler manipulations that humans find to rub or rub sore body parts or caress each other to soothe them. Currently, the importance of massage therapy is well known. It is now increasingly understood by many people that message is very much needed to maintain physical fitness even though it uses very simple manipulations as a natural body reaction. Almost everyone, from women, men, young people, even children, loves body Malama. In addition to relaxing the body, massage can also improve blood circulation throughout the body so that the body can return to good health.

Body massage by the manual method is one way of treating the body using two hands on the palms of the hands and fingers. Massage which means pressing slowly. Which was originally intended as a body therapeutic massage that eventually evolved to achieve more body beauty. Increased blood circulation in the body will help the process to produce oil glands that will more effectively produce sweat, thereby removing useless substances. The outermost layer of the epidermis will dissolve so that the skin condition will be better. The function of the skin as an absorbent power will increase and the skin will become smoother. Pressing and stomping sequencing movements such as squeezing or massaging, tapping, hitting can help dissolve fat so that it burns the body.

Increased blood circulation can increase nutrients (nourishment) into the muscle tissue so that elasticity and elasticity will be more durable. The increase in blood circulation caused by sequencing will also increase nutrition so that it can nourish bone cells. Thus also increases the growth of joint motion. Vibrate and friction movements can stimulate nerve function throughout the body. There are so many benefits of massage or massage for the body, so in essence, if in the short term the body is healthy, automatically for the long term health is also good.
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