Know More About Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are swelling or enlargement of the blood vessels at the end of the large intestine (rectum), as well as the rectum or anus. Hemorrhoids are a disease that can strike any age, but generally, cause complaints more often at the age of 50 years or more. Hemorrhoids do not always cause complaints, but when complaints arise, the patient may feel uncomfortable and itchy in the anus, and bleeding occurs through the anus. On h miracle, you can get a cure for it.

Swollen blood vessels in the anus that are not visible from the outside are known as internal hemorrhoids. While the swelling that occurs outside the anus near the anal canal feels more painful and appears from the outside called external hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are classified according to the degree of severity, namely:

First degree: small swelling that appears inside the wall of the anus and is not visible outside the anus.
Second degree: larger swelling that comes out of the anus during a bowel movement and returns on its own after a bowel movement.
Third-degree: the presence of one or more small lumps that hang from the anus, but can be pushed back.
Fourth degree: a large lump that hangs from the anus and cannot be pushed back.

Hemorrhoids are often characterized by a lump outside the anus. In addition, hemorrhoids are often characterized by a number of other symptoms of hemorrhoids, such as:

Itching or pain around the anus.
Bleeding from the anus after a bowel movement.

Some triggers for hemorrhoids are constipation or diarrhea that lasts for a long time, frequent heavy lifting, pregnancy, new childbirth, and prolonged sitting habits.

Hemorrhoids must be treated immediately so that they do not swell and break, or get twisted. Treatment can be by:

Implement a healthy diet.
Taking drugs or using hemorrhoid ointments.
If hemorrhoids are caused by difficult bowel movements, the use of a bowel-smoothing medication may be necessary.

To prevent hemorrhoids, consume fiber-rich foods, and drink lots of water. Avoid sitting too long, delaying bowel movements, and straining excessively. If you want to try it, natural hemorrhoid remedies can also be an option.