Theft Of Money In The Company Because Of The Opportunity

Embezzlement by employees is a phenomenon that shows the degradation of employee credibility. There are various reasons put forward, most of which point to economic factors. Worse, considering that the perpetrators of embezzlement of company money are generally those who occupy positions in the middle management division, which in essence has received a fairly large nominal salary. Besides, the embezzlement of money by employees is certainly carried out by those who have access to company money. Therefore, this is the importance of a company having a lawyer. So, when your company experiences this, the role of this lawyer is needed in that condition. And for those of you who are looking for a professional and trusted lawyer, this Sydney criminal lawyer is the best choice for you criminalsolicitorsydney.

Many tactics have been carried out related to the embezzlement of money by this employee. The actors tend to be neat in their actions to take company money. Therefore, they can act for a long time, so it is not surprising that the amount of money embezzled is quite fantastic, ranging from hundreds of millions to billions. Initially, the Perpetrator did not have the intention to steal, but as an opportunity or opportunity arises, the intention to steal can arise immediately without any prior planned intention. However, once the cheating that is committed goes smoothly without anyone knowing, then the act turns into an addiction. This is what happened in the case of employee embezzlement. Faking receipts is one tactic that is quite often used.

Besides, employees who often get unfair treatment and often get pressure from their superiors will one day take revenge on their superiors. They can do it lazily, spend more time outside for certain reasons, or even more extreme is to commit theft. People whose emotions cannot be controlled. They cannot think clearly so they will take any action.