Dashboard Camera That Will Make Your Driving More Safe

Dashboard cameras also are referred to as dash cams, dashcams, car cameras, car DVRs, or maybe accident recorders (although they are doing record tons quite just accidents) dashcam reviews. They are becoming ever more popular, and there’s an enormous sort of devices on the market, most of them from small or little-known manufacturers.

If you’re almost conversant in all of the technical terms, deciding which dash cam is best for you’ll seem harder than it actually is. The following dash cam reviews sections explain what features to look out for when making your choice. In dash cam reviews first decision you need to make is whether you want a single channel dash cam that records forward through your windshield only, or a dual channel system;front and rear dash;. The rear camera can either face back into the car’s interior (taxi/uber cams), or it can look through the rear window and record the road behind your car (the more popular option).

Due to the complexity of processing two video streams simultaneously, the simplest dual dash cams often cost quite twice the maximum amount as comparable single channel cams. High-end devices with all the latest bells and whistles are currently valued up to $500.

In dash cam reviews you can get a cheap dual channel cam below $100, but the video quality probably won’t be great. Also, you want your dash cam to be reliable, more than anything else: Imagine being in a situation that you need the video footage from, only to find out that your camera decided to take that day off! You probably don’t want your camera to stay out sort of a sore thumb on your car’s windshield. Dashboard cameras come in various sizes, and smaller (and therefore more discreet) is almost always better. Of course, cramming lots of features into a small device normally comes with a higher price tag.