Still Confused How To Choose The Right Watch For Your Partner?

In a work environment, you also need to wear a watch that matches your professional look. Wear a watch that suits your personality and occasion. The thickness of an ordinary watch is affected by the complexity of the movement. Usually, sporty watches are thicker because the movement of the watch has various additional features such as a stopwatch, flyback chronograph, and so on. When choosing a mens watch, make sure the watch you choose is thin enough to wear under long sleeves. If it’s too thick, usually the watch will make the long sleeves of your shirt puff up, especially if you wear a blazer or suit August Berg.

If you find a watch from a fashion house, then they use a special name that is easy to remember. This watch is suitable for use on occasions that require you to appear neat and formal, such as in an office environment. This watch can be paired well with a suit, or with a neat shirt and your best leather shoes. If you pay attention, usually the people who wear classic watches are those who stand elegantly. So, you can never go wrong when choosing a classic men’s watch to go to the office. This watch has a minimalist design but is given a touch of elegant detail on the dial where the watch movement looks like a work of art in medieval times.

For a more casual style, you can also choose men’s watches for work with leather straps. However, make sure that the strap is made of the best quality leather to maintain its durability. Match the color of the watch strap to the color of the leather belt and leather shoes you are wearing. Your appearance will look more perfect. If you work in a creative field, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a men’s watch for work that’s less formal. Avoid watches that are too colorful with busy patterns or patterns. Keep choosing neutral colors that are easier for you to match with your total look when you go to the office.