Simple Knowledge about Desktop Computer

Many of us maybe never think about Desktop Computers because we just know one type of a computer that we use for our daily businesses. Actually, a type of desktop computer is similar with the regular type of common computers. There are no specific differences between some of common regular computers with a desktop computer.
The terminology of desktop refers to few of specific meanings such as a non portable computer. A set of common computer must have the CPU, a single monitor, keyboard and a mouse. Some of computers have different types of monitors however they all have the same functions. There are some of types for the computer monitors such LED or the proper name for that type of monitor is light emitting diodes, LCD or we can call it as liquid crystal display, and the classic one is CRT or the other name of it is cathode ray tube.
Some of brand new types of personal computers use the latest two types of monitors such LCD or LED. Those latest types are more effective than the CRT because they have sophisticated technology as well. A personal computer also has the keyboard and there are also so many types of keyboards for computers. There are QWERTY keyboards and it has an old design that looks like an old typewriter machine. This type of keyboard is very popular because some of people can use it easily.
There is also one type of a computer keyboard that is wired into your CPU and we all call it as a wired computer’s keyboard. You also need to know that a standard keyboard normally has few of features keys which are roughly and it has approximately three quarters inches on the center of it. As you also may know that the type of keyboard for a desktop computer is totally different with the type of keyboard on the laptop.

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