Babies Too Old In Air-conditioned Room, This Is The Impact

Many parents install air conditioning in their baby’s room to keep the room cool while making the little one calm. Yes, babies may not be too fussy, but is it okay if they stay in the air-conditioned room too long? Besides, what should be considered when placing a baby in an air-conditioned room? The answer is safe. Babies can not stand room temperature that is too hot because the evaporation of fluids from the baby’s body occurs more quickly. As a result, if babies are left in a room with hot temperatures, they are at risk of dehydration, thirst, and heatstroke due to heat. Too long in an air-conditioned room is not good for babies. This can cause the baby to experience hypothermia (cold), especially if the temperature set on the AC is too low. Hypothermia can be fatal for babies, so it must be paid attention to. You also have to provide hvac columbia sc for your baby and hvac columbia sc problem can be handled by heater repair

Apart from hypothermia, another impact, if the baby is too long in an air-conditioned room, is the risk of dry skin. Unclean air conditioning can also increase the risk of the baby developing respiratory infections. When using air conditioning for babies, it’s a good idea to install a wall thermometer so you can control the temperature of the room. The optimal room temperature is between 23-26 degrees Celsius. Another way to keep the temperature of an air-conditioned room from getting too cold is to activate a timer on the air conditioner so that the air conditioner will automatically turn off according to your settings. Position the baby in such a way that the baby does not get direct exposure to air from the air conditioner. The direct airflow from the air conditioner can accelerate the evaporation of the baby’s body temperature so that it is easier to experience hypothermia.

When in an air-conditioned room, wear long clothes and hats for babies. This is important to prevent the baby from experiencing excessive body temperature loss. Swaddling or blankets can also be used on small babies to keep their bodies warm.

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