5 Ways To Take Care Of Ornamental Plants At Home, So That They Grow Fertile!

For some people, gardening is a fun activity. Especially if the plants being treated appear new shoots or leaves, flowers, or even bear fruit. But don’t go far, keeping it healthy is the main thing. But don’t worry, you can do easy plant care. One of them, you can use the best weed killer for flower beds so that the plants you care for are always healthy and still beautiful.

1. Flush properly Find out what types of plants you care for and water them as needed. Don’t let your plants wilt, dry, or even rot because of improper watering. Generally, plants don’t need to be watered as often as possible, but you need to spray them to keep them fresh. Not only is the soil moistened, the leaves and stems also need to be watered. The trick, use a spray bottle and spray every day.

2. Plants need sunbathing Similar to watering, plants need sunlight. Of course, you know that green plants need sunlight for photosynthesis. Dry your plants regularly so they don’t get sluggish. But don’t dry it too often because the plants might ‘burn’. The sign is that the leaves are brown and will dry out due to overheating.

3. Don’t forget to re-potting Just like you, just sitting in one place would be bored, right? Plants too! They need new space and nutrients. Especially if the plant grows bigger so that the pot doesn’t fit anymore. Change the soil periodically and move to a new planting medium to make it fresher. You can mix soil and husk for your plant medium. Husk serves to hold soil moisture.

4. Apply fertilizer Fertilizer also has a special function so that your plants grow more fertile. There is a special type of fertilizer for leaves or roots. Some are in liquid form, dissolved in water to water or spray the leaves, some are in the form of solid grains. Adjust the fertilizer according to your plant type. If you have just re-potting, you can provide a special fertilizer for roots so that growth in the new place can be maximized.

5. Don’t forget the leaf oil Especially for those that care for plants dominated by leaves, you need this! Leaf oil for the plant, aka oil for leaves. Its function is to nourish and shine the leaves, the results are like after being polished. Happy, right if your leaves are green, fresh, and shiny? But you need extra time to give it to your plants. Because it is mandatory to rub and wipe the leaves one by one. Use it on plants with few leaves, thick, and wide. So you don’t get tired of applying it.

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